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    ''We went on an overnight with West Elk in July and it was beautiful! We didn't get any rain but there had been so much that the flowers and the mushrooms were everywhere. We rode in and got settled in our tent, the horses were untacked and let free to graze, then we had some lunch and went for a short hike. When we got back, part of our group stayed in camp and I went out for a short ride with the wrangler to a meadow with THE BEST view! We then had dinner and relaxed outside to watch for shooting stars while Lb lit our fire so our tent was warm and cozy when we went to bed. When we woke up in the morning breakfast was ready and the horses were getting some grain then when we were ready we rode back out but we went a different way and got to see some more country! We plan on going back for a pack trip next time, but if you only have time for an overnight it is VERY worth it!'' -TripAdvisor


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    A large pack trip headed out
    Kit Carson looking for dinner
    A rare view of the Gunnison Gorge
    Headed out of camp in the fall
    mountain goat
    Beautiful Back-country
    Bighorn Sheep